Monday, 13 February 2017

Vintage Valentine Triptych for Gypsy Soul Lasercuts

Sending love out to my crafty peeps! I loved the look of the triptych piece and wanted to find the perfect images, and when a friend passed these lovely Inkado Valentine cutaparts on to me, I knew they would be just right.

When you match up the triptych pieces, you will notice that the two that are meant to go on the ends have small protruding "feet". so be sure to place the pieces in the right order when you attach everything later, and of course when you decide how you are decorating them.

I decided to use FolkArt Crackle Medium, which is a three-step process that creates a terrific crackled effect with whatever two colours of acrylic paint you choose. Paint all pieces with the first colour (the one you want to show through the cracks-I chose gold) Be sure to allow the paint to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. You may use a heat tool to dry the paint if you wish. Afterwards, brush on an even coat of the crackle medium, trying to brush in smooth strokes going in one direction as much as possible. Use a thick coat for larger cracks and a thin one for finer cracks. (I used a thicker coat) Allow to dry thoroughly and do not use the heat tool for this step. After this you may brush on your surface paint (this is the colour that will show the most), again using long, even strokes that go in one direction, Allow to dry naturally once again-the cracks will form as the paint dries.

Afterward I sanded here and there on the edges for a more distressed look and then rubbed tiny bits of dark gold ink on those areas with my finger.

I cut paper to fit into each of the triptych pieces; when you cut your paper don't worry about the scalloped edges-you can cut the paper a little smaller than the base pieces because the frames will cover the edges.

I added some heat-embossing to my paper pieces, stamping them with Versamark ink then using Stampendous Aged Copper embossing enamel. The photo shows the details of the flourish design but the colours are a little lighter in person, more of a deep coppery gold with flecks of verdis gris.

I attached the images, then added a few metal embellishments, ribbons and flowers to finish the look.


I had some tiny metal hinges that I attached to the back to connect the pieces to each other; you may cover the back with paper as well and/or decorate it if you wish.

The triptych could be used with so many different  themes-any holiday, to showcase quotes or poems, or to display photos. I'd love to see what creative way you find to use this great chipboard set! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine's Day!


Triptych-Arch Top


FolkArt Crackle Medium by Plaid
Gold and White DecoArt acrylic paints
Blue Fern paper-Courtship Lane
Stampendous embossing enamel-Aged Copper

Monday, 23 January 2017

"everyone needs a stuff holder"-for Gypsy Soul Lasercuts

Hey all! I've tackled a new storage piece in my quest for a perfectly organized scraproom; hubby asked what I was planning to put in it, and my response was, "stuff!" There are alphabet sheets in the paper pack so I decided to cut some out and officially christen this piece my stuff holder:

Here's a photo of the "naked" Memory Keeping Organizer; I like to put all 3D things together before I take them apart again so I see where everything fits.

I painted all the pieces light pink, and then I covered the outer pieces with patterned paper from this pad; as you can see I got a great deal on it!!

I just laid the pieces on the paper and traced around them, as the side pieces are irregularly shaped (and I don't  much like measuring anyway!) I sanded the edges lightly to smooth away and paper bits left over.

As you can see, I added bits and strips from some of the other papers, and I did this on the inside squares as well; there were chevrons, checks and floral patterns as well as the ones with tiny type, so I mixed and matched colours and patterns for a cheery look.

The honeycomb pattern was perfect for the bottom; I chose to cut out each square separately rather than having to cut the slots out of the paper where the vertical pieces fit.into the base.

I glued pearl along the top edge of all the pieces with a hot glue gun; using adhesive pearls with the flat bottoms would probably be easier, but I happen to have several strands of these in a variety of colours (pearl spaghetti, anyone?)

The sets of file dividers are wonderful; the larger compartments in the organizer just happen to fit 4" x 6" photos! These are perfect for the photos I'm planning to scrap soon, and it's a lot easier to look through 3 sections labeled by topic than a huge storage box!! The smaller file dividers I plan to use for diecuts, again divided by topic.

I had lots of fun putting this together, and even more fun putting my "stuff" in all of the compartments! I no longer have a ton of "miscellaneous  embellishments" piled in a drawer where they were a nightmare to look through-they're so much easier to see now and I will be much more likely to actually use these embellishments because I will see them and remember I have them. Treat yourself to one of these awesome organizers and you'll be glad you did!

Memory Keeping Organizer


DCWV Vintage Collector Stack
pink acrylic paint
pearl strand
hot glue gun

Monday, 9 January 2017

Sing your own song-an altered record for Gypsy Soul Lasercuts

hey crafty people! As my first post here for 2017, I thought I'd do something kind of different that I've been thinking about doing for a while...I thought that a record would make an interesting round "canvas" for a music-themed mixed media project and this is what I came up with:

I got my record at a thrift store; it was a double set and I paid a whole 50c for the two of them!

The first thing I did was brush the whole thing with gesso; I did two coats, as covering a shiny surface is a little trickier. I also gessoed the main chipboard piece I was planning to use on the project.

I figured out where I wanted to put everything, then I added some stenciling with texture paste, using a script stencil and one that created small "coffee rings".

When the texture paste was dry, I attached all the items; I also added a few pieces of drywall tape for texture. I get it at the dollar store; it has an adhesive back and is great for crafting. If your dollar store doesn't carry it, it's available at any hardware store.

I added a coat of gesso to the whole piece; I used a sponge to apply it to the bare record parts to minimize the brush strokes, but this isn't necessary-you can do the whole thing with a brush. Just be sure to get in the grooves of the flowers and other dimensional embellishments so that everything is white.

Now comes the fun part! Choose some mists you like ( I used blues and greens and a pop of pinkish-red) and spray lightly here and there until you get an effect you're happy with. If it goes on spotty or too dark, dab with a paper towel or sponge while it's still wet. I also keep a bottle of Mr. Huey's Opaque White mist around to tome down any colours that look too bright or dark after it's dried. I like to work with my project laying down so the mists don't run although I know some people really like the drippy effect. I'm just too much of a control freak to let the mist dribble wherever it wants, I guess.

Once I was happy with the colours (this did take a while, so don't get discouraged if you don't like the look right away. I have even had projects that I gessoed over and restarted, but happily this wasn't one of them!)I inked the letters and the edges of the chipboard pieces in a deep blue to make them stand out a little more. You can choose to add more or less contrast, as you prefer.

The last thing I did was find a shank button that would fit in the hole in the center; I ran a piece of twine through it to make a hanger and glued the button down.Otherwise trying to hang this could be interesting; I just don't quite trust those sticky hook things!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I wish you a wonderful 2017 full of love, joy, peace and creativity!!


Flight of Fancy Music Girl
Music Symbols Shape Set


white gesso
Crafter's Workshop and Prima stencils
Ayeeda, Dylusions and Tattered Angels mists
Versacolor Inks
misc. flowers and burlap foliage
drywall tape

Monday, 26 December 2016

"LIGHT"-an art journal page for Gypsy Soul Lasercuts

Hello crafters! 'Twas the day after Christmas much as I enjoyed all the Christmas crafting, it felt good to get back to basics a bit! I haven't done any art journaling in ages and-along with-my Bible journaling-I want to start taking the time to create at least a page a month. I found a verse I really liked on Facebook and it inspired me to put this page together:

I started by tearing a piece of Inkido paper to fit the page in my art journal; I roughed up the edges a bit and added a few extra tears.

I sprayed with yellow Ayeeda mist; the paper buckled a bit when it was wet but flattened as it dried. If your page doesn't flatten you can either put it under something heavy for a bit or run a hot dry iron over it.

I placed my frame where I wanted it then marked where my journaling would go. I can't print straight so I drew light pencil lines, one for each line of writing.Be sure to use a pen that won't smudge when you erase your pencil lines (test on a scrap if you're not sure)

I painted the chipboard pieces with yellow acrylic paint, then dabbed a paper towel in white paint and randomly patted it on when the yellow was dry. I set them aside to dry and moved back to the journal page.

I stenciled with texture paste, putting the starburst pattern where my light bulbs were going to go, and  added the other designs randomly for interest. I used homemade texture paste made with baby powder, white glue, and acrylic paint, but the commercial pastes are great as well-just make sure it's fairly thick to get clean lines and no bleeding under your stencil. Some people don't mind a less crisp look, but I confess I freak out a bit if my stenciling isn't at least pretty crisp and clean!

While the texture paste dried, I heat embossed the chipboard pieces with clear embossing powder; it brightened the colours and added a nice sheen. For a perfectly smooth finish I usually do two coats, but I liked the irregular and slightly bumpy effect of the single coat on these pieces.

I attached yellow vellum to the backs of the light bulbs for a semi-transparent look and placed them over the starburst rays. One of the bulbs had a cord on it which I cut off so they would both be the same; the chain stickers were perfect and have been in my stash for ages!

I used the hot glue gun to attach the frame and lightbulbs; the ladies were cut from a 7 Gypsies paper and popped up with foam tape.

This was fun to put together; I love adding meaningful pages to my art journal and playing around with techniques and products. It's a great way to express yourself and get a little messy-thanks so much for stopping by, and I wish you a happy, creative and colourful New Year!

                                                      GYPSY SOUL ITEMS USED

                                                      Scribbled Frames and Lines
                                                        Steampunk Lightbulb Set

                                                            OTHER ITEMS USED

                                                            DecoArt acrylic paints
Inkido and 7Gypsies papers 
Ayeeda mist
clear embossing powder and Versamark ink
                                                   Prima and Crafter's Workshop stencils

Monday, 12 December 2016

Old-Fashioned Christmas Village for Gypsy Soul Lasercuts

hello and happy Christmastime! I've so been enjoying my craft time lately as I just love anything to do with Christmas! Months ago when I received the Cabana Row Houses in my Design Team box, my first thought was to create a Christmas village with them, so I had to wait a while, but here it is:

The houses fold up like little boxes; the first thing I did was cover all of them with patterned paper. I used papers from Inkido's  Forever Santa collection (which was gifted to me by my lovely friend Agnieszka-thanks hun!)

For this first house I created a little dormer over the door and used wooden skewers for the pillars. The wreath and garland are jute.The door was cut from patterned paper, and pretty much everything was attached to the houses with a hot glue gun.The window is from the 1:24 windows set and all the doorknobs are beads.

I used the standard shingles for this roof; They were wonderful to work with and I found myself wishing I had the pennant and scalloped ones in my stash as well. For some of the other houses I ended up cutting my own "shingles"-word to the wise-do yourself a favour and order some of these from Gypsy Soul-cutting my own was tedious and they don't look nearly as nice as these!!

I was so excited to finally use the teeny-tiny Christmas lights I've had in my stash for ages! They're actually straight in real life but for some reason look a tad wonky in the photo...I used another window from the 1:24 set and created a balcony with some scrap chipboard from punching things out in one of the shape sets. The tree is wooden and comes from Poland.

I cut these shingle strips from some thin coloured cork; it reminded me of the texture of asphalt shingles.

This little house  has a window from the Seaside doors and windows set and some fussy cut bell garland from the patterned paper. The door is cut from coloured cork to match the roof. I added the cute little cutout children in front of the house for a little bit of a homey feel.

The roof was done with strips of coloured cork, as I wanted it a little different from the other one I had made with cork.

This house kind of reminded me of the little thatched-roof cottages you'd see in "Robin Hood" or "King Arthur" stories, so I decided to try to give it that feel; the burlap roof is my version of a thatched roof. I added a dormer made of patterned paper and trimmed it with some fussy cut garland.

The front  of the house has a little awning made from the same paper as the door; once again it is straight although it photographed looking kind of crooked. I added some fussy cut holly leaves at the bottom to serve as shrubbery,

I saved the church for last because it's my favourite; I looked at pictures of church steeples on Google images and created this one with thin shirt cardboard. It's just a square with grooves cut in for the peak, and then four elongated triangles that join together at the top. I added some lace to the roof edge and I altered a louvered door from the Seaside set to create the welcoming open doors The pretty window is from the 1:24 set.

I punched strips from thin cardboard with a Tonic border punch for the roof and layered them.

I had a small strand of mini-lights so I ran them under the quilt batting that I used as snow to display my village-you can set them up many different ways to accommodate the space you have, and you could adapt the buildings to create stores, barns, and whatever else you might think your village needs. If you create one, I'd love to see what creative ideas you come up with! My next post will be on the 26th, so I wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

Cabana Row Houses (contact store)
Decorative Windows 1 to 24
Seaside Doors and Windows (contact store)
Chipboard Shingles-standard


Inkido "Forever Santa" papers
hot glue gun
DCWV coloured cork
Tonic border punch
acrylic paint